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Daniel Shaughnessy

Having grown up in an Irish-American Catholic family in Chicago, and now living in Alabama, I am honored to be a member of the AOH in Huntsville. I am the proud father of an amazing 12 year old daughter who inspires me everyday to be a better person. Witnessing childhood cancer among family and friends opened my eyes to the effects of cancer. I could never imagine receiving such devastating news. The AOH is doing what we can with Live Bald to support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in ending childhood cancer for good. After helping to organize the first Live Bald in 2016, and witnessing the volunteers who gave their time, the shavees who gave their hair, the barbers who made it happen, the bands and sound techs who entertained throughout the event, STA who gave us the building for the day, and the community opening its hearts and wallets, my belief in the goodness of people was reinforced and I know we will win this fight in time. See you at Live Bald 2017!

Jim Regan

James Regan, a parishioner at Good Shepherd Catholic Church and member of the AOH, became involved with Live Bald! to help others and enrich the community. He describes himself as a “seat warmer” at Torch Technologies. A native of New York City, he resides in Huntsville with his wife and two children.

Amber Lacey

A few years ago my niece, Bailey, was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. While I’ve known people who have had cancer, it had never felt more real. She’s my best girl. I love her so much. I felt so helpless. She was only seven at the time – an innocent little girl who couldn’t understand what all the attention was about. For Bailey and all the other undeserving children – that is why we contribute our time. They’re just kids.

Danielle Morgan

Danielle Morgan became involved in Live Bald after she witnessed the impact it had on the local community and broader research efforts of the St. Baldrick’s foundation. She has lived in Huntsville for many years and has worked with several organizations that support community engagement and economic development. With her career now rooted in biotech, she witnesses daily the impact of research on a patient’s health & well-being and knows that Live Bald will help fund that impact. Her hobbies revolve around adventure, new ideas, and good beer.

Michael Weist

Retired Army helicopter pilot. Being really good at counting makes me the perfect person to serve as the St. Baldrick’s co-treasurer for Live Bald. Counting the donations from the inaugural Live Bald showed me how very generous our local Huntsville community can be, whether that was cash, credit card, check, or ‘in-kind’ donations. Live bands and a good time bring out the best in people. See you all at Live Bald 2017, and bring your penny rolls if you’ve got the guts to!

Susan Seavers

I’m retired from a career in Finance in the IT industry. Originally from Long Island, I’ve been in Huntsville for 6 glorious years. I substitute teach for Madison City Schools. I’m also an usher at the Von Braun Center for very little pay but ridiculously awesome perks. My hobbies include cooking, baking, animal rescue, and getting roped into charity events by my nephew, James “Let-Me-Shave-Your-Head” Regan.

Christine Robinson

Stay at home wife for 21 years; mother of two wonderful, healthy sons; wearer of many hats. For hobbies, I quilt, garden, shoot archery, homeschool, cook, and, most importantly, volunteer. I got involved with the Live Bald event because I wanted to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer. My father died from lung cancer when I was 14 years old, and since I’ve lost many more people to the disease. I dream of a day when the word “cancer” no longer has the ability to drive fear in our hearts and rob us of our hope.

Debby Regan

Debby Regan is a published poet, appearing in webzines Subtle Tea, The Bitchin Kitsch, and Annapurna, as well as other publications. She has a BA in English from UAH and lives in Huntsville with her husband, James Regan, and two children. She has personally benefited from cancer research. Suffering from primary lymphedema, she received lymphedema therapy at Huntsville’s Cancer Center in 2010. With the help of compression stockings and daily biking and massage, she has remained at stage zero of the disease (with stage 4 often resulting in amputation and/or death) after having been at stage 2 at a weight of around 400 lbs. in 2010. She did not have gastric bypass, but lost over 200 lbs. Lymphedema most commonly occurs after surgeons are forced to damage lymph nodes in breast cancer surgery, but it can also be genetic. Her condition has deepened her compassion for children suffering with cancer and she supports all efforts towards a cure with Live Bald!

Michael Bollinger

Michael is the founding and current President of the Father Trecy Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians established in 2011, which is one of only two divisions in Alabama, representing a national Irish Catholic organization that promotes Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity. Michael is also known for establishing the Maggie McGuinness Pub, which is a private Irish Pub that does not serve or sell food or drink, but only opens on occasion to provide a traditional Irish Pub environment for events to include meetings, concerts, and fundraisers. Michael is honored to be married to his wife, Lisa, and has two sons that he is very proud of Michael Robert (11) and Mason (8). Michael is a native of San Antonio, TX, and is humbled and honored to now be a 10-year resident of Huntsville, AL. Michael is honored with the success of Live Bald last year and looks forward to its continued success!